Maryland State Society Of 
MSSO EVENT October 14, 2016

Dear Members,

A heartfelt thank you and congratulations to your Board for a highly successful Fall CE event and tremendous year! Noteworthy changes were made this year in honor of a strong and united MSSO.


Cheers to your MSSO Board this year: Dr. David Bonebreak, Dr. Scott Jenkins, Dr. Ty Saini, Dr. Gordon Groisser and Dr. Anna Muench. Their enthusiasm forebodes many exciting future events and changes. Please do join them in any manner possible.


Speakers Dr. George Obeid, Dr. Chad Rasmussen, Dr. Mehrdad Favagehi, Dr. Lourdes Christopher and Dr. Majid Fotuhi all did a tremendous job of keeping our interest broaching three varied subjects: TMD management, Ortho-perio management, and brain (hippocampus) health were their respective focuses. Attached please find the most current periodontal classifications, as kindly shared by Drs. Favegehi and Christopher.


Further thanks goes to our corporate sponsors please: TD Bank, White Oak Orthodontics, Dental Technology Center, Hertzbach Partners and 3M Unitek. It is with their support that over 20 ortho residents were able to attend the meeting at no cost to them.


I wish to remain as involved as possible and a source of information as this calendar year comes to a close, and beyond. Please do not hesitate to contact me.


Again, a wholehearted thank you for exceptional support and communication throughout our Board and membership, and for a genuinely memorable year!


Respectfully submitted,

Lara Minahan

Lara Minahan
President, MSSO

* The survey results were previously emailed to the MSSO members.