Maryland State Society Of Orthodontists
     Membership in the Maryland State Society of Orthodontists is limited to members of the American Association of Orthodontists.  Applications can be obtained from the AAO Headquarters.
                      800-424-2841  Ask for Membership Director

Members of the MSSO can use this site as a clearinghouse for communication to other members with regard to employment opportunities, locum tenens, or classified ad type notices.

To be included in the following lists contact Gordon Groisser:

                                        Seeking Opportunities (Associateship, Partnership)

Dr. Neha D. Patel                          563-650-8123

1. Long tenured solo practice for transfer to someone who would be keeping their present position as an associate and has time and desire to have their own practice. Also perfect for an established orthodontist needing an additional office location. Timing important for prompt and easy transfer! Call Dr. Edgar Sweren at 410-828-0677   or email him at 




                                AVAILABLE FOR LOCUM TENENS:  (Contact the following available Orthodontists, when you need
                                                                                             coverage for your office.)

Dr. Marston Jones                     443-783-4945         
Dr. Robert E Williams                410-823-7458         

Dr. Karl Pick                               443-226-3311                          
Dr. Joe Seipp             410-321-759
Dr. Dan Levy               301-785-1307                                                                
Dr. Fred Preis             410-433-1313
Dr. Paul Thomopulos                301-733-1552                                                        
Dr. Francoise Engel                   410-903-5342         
Dr. Juanita Okemwa                  626-241-7325